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Jayanthra is extremely ardent about lucid communication & tangible takeaways. Consequently, his programs and sessions are always packed with value. The feedback from his keynote audiences, forum attendees & workshop participants have always been extremely positive about his skilled delivery of content combined with articulate story-telling.

Jayanthra brings a unique style to his talks that results in the below outcomes for the audience:

  • Precise Communication resulting in Clarity
  • Powerful Insights resulting in Knowledge
  • Practical Takeaways resulting in Value
  • Positive Impact resulting in Overall Satisfaction

His signature talks are around the below significant focus areas.

Strategy & Execution
  • Framework for building agility & resilience in your business
  • The art of doing twice the work in half the time
Technology in Business
  • Practical Roadmap for Digital Transformation in your business
  • Leverage Industrial IoT to future-proof your business
Life & Legacy
  • Living a life of 360 impact
  • Setting & Achieving SMART Goals

Based on your need, the talks can be curated and delivered either keynote format (for larger audiences) or an interactive workshop format (ideal for smaller groups).

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