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Many Business leaders & entrepreneurs have excellent ideas to solve real-world business problems. They are aware of the pain points that exist and they also possess the domain knowledge to solve them either by improving processes and/or disrupting traditional models by inventive use of technology (software, apps or IoT).

The bottle-neck for these non-tech industry experts is that they don’t have mastery of technology. Hence they either postpone their idea which results in non-starter or end up investing heavily in internal technology teams and programmers. So instead of investing their time & energy on their product road-map, marketing & client acquisition be it start-up mode or scale up mode they are busy becoming a software company – in essence losing money, focus and passion in this process. End result is unhappy investors, partners not to mention the wife and in-laws:)

The book DECODE will enrich the reader with alternate models of tech product development from idea to execution while providing a step-by-step Framework with real-time case studies. The book will empower the reader to embark on his product journey with confidence, clarity and the business leader would now have a high probability of success for his tech product.

Who will benefit from the book:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business leaders
  • Non-tech founders

What are the highlights of the book:

  • Proven System
  • Free bonus Tool-kit
  • Real-time Case-studies

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