Jayanthra Jayachandran

Award-winning entrepreneur, speaker & author

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Jayanthra Jayachandran

Award-winning entrepreneur, speaker & author

Meet Jayanthra

Jayanthra is the founder of two technology companies and father of 2 girls. He’s a multiple award-winning entrepreneur, an impactful speaker and an author. He’s also active in leadership roles in international entrepreneurship organizations.

He’s delivered talks in USA, India, UK, Australia, Dubai & Malaysia for leading national associations, reputed industry forums & acclaimed international organizations.

He’s passionate about sharing his 2+ decades journey & learning experiences on business excellence, technology & living a life of impact with entrepreneurs, business leaders & professionals via his talks, books & digital courses.

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Keynotes & Workshop

If you are particular on creating a Positive Impact for your audience or forum & ensuring practical take-away value for them in Business Strategy & Execution or Leveraging Technology or Living a Life of Impact then get in touch with Jayanthra.

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This path-breaking book will non-tech leaders with the necessary mind-set and the needed framework to build & launch their tech product successfully.

Who will benefit from the book:
  • Entrepreneurs
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  • Non-tech founders
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  • Proven System
  • Free bonus Tool-kit
  • Real-time Case-studies
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Innovative & Driven

I have found Jayanthra to be a selfless leader who uses his creative mind, his brilliant entrepreneurial skills and compassionate heart to help others learn and grow. He led a global effort during the Entrepreneurs Organizations 30thanniversary to inspire and capture meaningful and impactful efforts that entrepreneurs were making in around the 50+ Countries.

He has an incredible ability to keep a team focused and on task while bringing what is inside them to the surface, creating a clear, aligned path forward on projects.

I would recommend Jayanthra due to my experience in a variety of projects and settings. He is curious. He is creative. He has a deep desire to make the word a better place and is driven to help others be the best version of the themselves.

Brian Brault

Member of the board of directors of PURE Wellness Rooms, USA
Founder of Legacy of Significance, USA
Past Global Chair EO

Eloquent & Articulate

Jayanthra was tasked with the Yi Pathfinder program where we set goals for a diverse group of Entrepreneurs and Professionals to think outside the box and create significant impact. His energizing sessions were so well thought out. He curated it beautifully, so each team could see how their work eventually would result in a positive change keeping Yi’s core values in mind. His session was well appreciated and they left inspired to give their best.

We wanted a second session to learn from a thought leader. We requested Jayanthra and he did a great job. The session was about building resilient organisations where he blended tools and incorporated examples for sustainable and scalable growth of organisations.

Jayanthra is a people’s person and the way he connects with the audience and keeps them engaged reflects that. His planning and preparation make him a delight to listen to. He’s an excellent orator and communicates the points with excellent clarity. I would strongly recommend him for any speaking engagements without any hesitation.

Dr. Aishwarya Arjun

Business Head - Medical Robotics, Effica Automation India
Chairperson - Yi Coimbatore 2020-21

Great Communicator & Spontaneous Speaker

I believe that one of the biggest problem in this world is communication . Specifically the gap as what one said and how the other understood . It becomes even more difficult while it's communicated to group of people or a big audience. Jay has mastered the art of communicating so well that all attendees will understand the content though his unique style.

His way of asking questions to derive engagement is unparalleled. His coolness and choice of words is admirable. He is a master of structuring the flow which will make the listeners get value.

I would recommend Jayanthra since great leaders are not only good thinkers but also great communicators. I believe has mastered this process as a keynote speaker & facilitator.

Parthiban V

MD - Bull Machines

Present & Responsive

Jay is a responsive and facilitative leader who guides teams to success with patience and enthusiasm. It has been a pleasure to listen to him speak to EO leaders at our annual global conference, where his presentations are well paced, thoughtfully prepared and energetically delivered.

I would recommend Jayanthra due to his willingness to put the needs of the group ahead of his own and his patience in bringing all along for the journey.

David Bartholomeusz

Growth Director - Focal Point International
You Legal, Australia

Calm & Composed

Jayanthra is a natural orator and speaks very clearly. I like how organised his speaking is; and his ability to hold the audience’s attention together. Working with a large crowd, and navigating the event at the right pace comes easily to Jayanthra and these are skills that will take him forward in this field.

I would recommend Jayanthra since i believe he will keep a cool demeanour even during unexpected/unplanned turn of affairs that can happen at an event. I could trust him to balance with the right amount of humour and still keep it professional.

B. Soundararajan

Managing Director - Suguna Holdings Private Limited

Articulate & Diligent

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Jayanthra during my tenure as the Global Communications Committee (GCC) Chair for Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). Jay’s leadership and passion for the GCC’s 30th Anniversary initiative was undoubtedly his greatest achievement. Jay was the face and voice of this initiative and he embraced this challenge by working with leaders from 165+ chapters, across 10 different regions worldwide. Jay’s leadership talents shined as he communicated & showcased the final product at EO’s Global Leadership Conference in Toronto, Canada. The 30th Anniversary was a successful initiative celebrated by more than 11,000 EO members; and much of that success can be attributed to Jay’s consistent leadership and dedication.

Most importantly Jayanthra has a positive attitude and is admired by his peers for his thoughtfulness and willingness to help others.

I highly recommend him for any opportunity requiring thoughtful, consistent and diligent leadership. He is always up for a challenge.

James “Jamie” Keating

Chief Trailblazer - Trailhead Ventures LLC

Dynamic & Engaging

Jayanthra is a visionary who has crystal clear clarity of thought. He is decisive and relies greatly on doing his homework right to achieve great results. This translates to his work in all aspects whether he is a keynote speaker or facilitator.

I would recommend Jayanthra due to his versatility, diligence and the ability to connect with everyone with a lot of ease.

Balaji Jagadeesan

MD - Indo Shell Mould

Jayanthra really did an amazing job with his session. The framework he shared gives greater focus to achieve the goals we set.

The skill in which he delivered the whole thing was very professional & was the best board room session I have had in EO.

I recommend Jayanthra as a speaker due to his efficacy to pack in the whole content with such ease within a time frame and involve every member in the board room in to the session with small interesting tasks and continuous engagements.

Senthil Natarajan

MD - KPN Farm Fresh (Pazhamudhir Chain of Stores)

Jayanthra did an amazing session for our forum of leading entrepreneurs. Everyone In the forum were pumped up and we all had a lot of takeaways. We felt charged and wanted to get started on the initiatives he had shared.

I would recommended Jayanthra as a speaker due to his clarity in communicating the methodological approach to goal setting and scaling up.

Sathish Kumaar

CEO - Vision Global

Humility & Intelligence

I have known Jayanthra since 2007. My association and interaction with him ranges across diverse leading professional and social forums. He is an intelligent conversationalist with a quick grasp of the subject and an exemplary grip over language.

I would recommend Jayanthra since he possesses all the right attributes for communication along with the much coveted skill of being a great listener with an extraordinary ability to recapitulate any conversation/presentation.

Karthikeyan G

Managing Partner - Karthikeyan & Jayaram Chartered Accountants

Latest Blog

Being an author, Jayanthra is a keen writer too and his blog is filled with high-impact topics in business excellence, technology trends & applications and tools for living a life of impact.

Recent Events

Some of the reputed industry forums and leading organisations where Jayanthra's has been asked to speak.

3Cs for Start-Ups

Forge Accelerator


PSG Institutions


Entrepreneurs' Organization - EO


Jayanthra's leads two technology companies with his co-founders and leadership teams. Both of the companies are creating Impact & adding value for clients and partners in both national and international markets across 14+ countries.

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